Yoga OM Demand

Since April this year Ellie and the team have been working hard to create our OM Demand yoga studio as a part of the long-term plan for Om. We recognise that Life is shifting quickly as we navigate living in this pandemic and at the moment we may not know which way is up/left/right. Having access to Yoga and Pilates classes at the click of a button can be just the tool you need to help ground you to move through your day (and this life!!!) with ease.

At present there are 30+ videos in the library with 2 new releases every week. Whether you want to improve your mobility or master mindfulness there are classes made just for you. 

22.00 p/m rolling contract


120.00 6 months

Please allow 24 hours for your log-in details to be sent to you (we've not managed to automate that bit yet!)