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Yin + Restore Monthly Pop Ups with James Atkinson

Sundays: 9th February +8th March 6pm-7:30pm

Restorative yoga is the practice of relaxation for conscious deep rest. A practice with the use of props to support the physical body in a position of ease and comfort to help trigger our natural relaxation response. The aim is to give you the experience of absolute relaxation where there is effortless in stillness, quietness and, peace.

This practice has the potential to rejuvenate, restore vibrant energy and lift the spirit, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to move on.

Open to all. Weather you have never stepped foot in a yoga studio, or you are an experienced yogi looking for something to balance out more physically demanding practices. Don’t expect to move much the hardest part of this practice is being still!

Peak Pricing (£9.50 Drop in/Package)

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Arm Balance Workshop with Kate Sass

Sunday 9th February 2-4pm

This workshop isn’t about cramming in as many arm balances as possible, it’s about exploring the journey to a balance, the work you need to put in before you get there........

How many opportunities do you miss out on because you’re too scared? Because something in your head tells you can’t do it or you’re not good enough? And have you noticed your fear increases as you get older? 

Do you fancy testing your fear levels? Maybe trying out something new, something scary but exhilarating? Something you’ve always been interested in but don’t know where to start?

Join Kate Sass and explore looking at yoga and movement from a different perspective!

This workshop isn’t just about balancing on your hands, it’s about exploring your abilities, facing your fears and feeding your curiosities... even if you don’t end up balancing on your hands - it’s what you’ll learn on the journey...

I will teach you what I know - starting from scratch and building up to a pose - working at your own pace and learning so much about how you move along the way!

This is one of those workshops that’s light-hearted and fun... no competition, no frustration - just fun.


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Yoga For Stress: The Yoga Family

Friday 21st February 7-9:30pm

We are excited to host The Yoga Family's newest workshop; "Yoga for Stress". The event is open to all, no previous yoga experience is necessary. Throughout this workshop we will be discussing how our nervous system responds to stress and how we can use various techniques from the yoga practice to find balance during and after times of stress. This event is perfect for those looking for healing tools after periods of depression, anxiety, stress and for post trauma recovery. Our intention is to share with you our knowledge and experience and to leave you with lots of tools to help you through daily life. We hope you can join us for this exciting new workshop!


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Hypnobirthing: 2 Day Course with Lucy Lawton

Sunday 23rd February + Sunday 8th March 10am-4pm with 1 hour for lunch

Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing in the gold standard in hypnobirthing courses and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Our very own Lucy Lawton recently became qualified to offer this full hypnobirthing programme which combines relaxation techniques and education on aspects of physiology and anatomy.

 We are offering this workshop over 2 sessions, Sunday 17th of November and Sunday 1st December, it is necessary for you and your partner to attend both days.

Sunday 23rd February:

10am - 12:30pm: Hypnobirthing and how it works.
1:30pm - 4pm: Techniques

Sunday 8th March:

10am - 12:30pm: Before birth
1:30pm - 4pm: The birth

 What makes this course stand out from the rest is the way Lucy seamlessly combines her work as a Prenatal Yoga teacher with the Hypnobirthing programme, in addition you will also have the opportunity to touch on Prenatal Yoga and anatomy to consider how to best take care of the body throughout pregnancy, easing common physical complaints. On day two we will explore then learn how to apply positions for labour and birth, and strategies for couples to assist in the birthing process.
The KG Hypnobirthing book, a parent pack and refreshments are provided for each couple as part of the course.

This comprehensive programme is much more than just relaxation techniques, it enables couples to understand how the relaxation impacts upon the body during birth, enabling them to feel in control of their child’s birth. The course empowers parents to make the right choices for them having a profound effect on birth and the baby which can last a lifetime.

Hypnotherapy techniques are used to reframe and challenge any negative subconscious thoughts or bias about birth, allowing parents to release fear and anxiety associated with birth and feel relaxed and positive about the birthing experience and gain trust in their bodies and their babies.

When booking, we automatically understand that this is for yourself and your partner, it is not necessary to book two places. 


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Shake Your Asana: Deep House Yoga with TJ +Gabe

Friday 28th February 7-9pm

Roaming Yogi TJ and House in the Groove vinyl DJ, Gabe have got it together and teamed up with Om, to bring you ‘Shake your Asana’.

Gabe spins his magic on the decks whilst TJ teaches you the poses to put to the beat of the track.
In this house music yoga delight, you will lose yourself and your yoga in the music.
Beginning with a slow, cool sound from the decks, TJ will demonstrate the basics and safety of each pose, then, gradually building up the heat, the vibe, and developing the poses, we’ll peak in the middle for a few classic tunes and asanas. We will then slow it down, moving closer to the mat for your soulful vibes to take you into the most blissful relaxation.

If you love your house and soul and knock out the odd yoga pose, this 2 hour vinyl yoga sesh is just for you.

Since the early 90’s, Gabe’s passion of spinning house music has taken him from bedroom dj to House in the Groove private studio sets. Gabe now gigs regularly at parties and is Om’s very own resident DJ. Mix this with TJ’s lifelong yoga journey, which began at the age of 8
and you have a happy houseful of super-powered yogis.
Gabe and TJ’s inspiration: ‘We’d like to say a huge thanks to all those creative people out there who dare to do something different. A special shout out has to go to the fantastic Deep House Yoga in San Francisco. From the moment we heard this sound, it inspired us to put our talents together and give this a go. Hope you love our thing and it inspires you to follow your hearts, in the way we were inspired to follow ours.’


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Mysore Practice: Grace Mullany

Sunday 1st March 8-11am

What is Mysore?

Mysore is a City in Southern India where Ashtanga yoga originated from. It is also the name given to how it is traditionally taught to students - "Mysore Style".

Mysore Style differs from other styles of yoga classes in that it is not "led" by the teacher. Students turn up and practice the set postures from the Ashtanga sequence at their own pace. The teacher is essentially holding a safe space for their students to practice.

Mysore can often feel like a one to one with your teacher, they have time to spend explaining and possibly modifying certain postures for you which in a led class you could be struggling with or do not understand.

Is it for me?

If you have an interest in the Ashtanga yoga method and want to deepen your understanding of the practice, then yes.

How will the morning run?

The studio will open from 8am until 11am. Students are invited to come at whatever time, up until 9:30am ensuring they are finished (including rest) by 11am.

Printed sheets of all the Primary Series postures will be left in reception for students who struggle remembering them and the order.

Once in the studio begin your practice at your own pace, try not to treat it as a led class. Initially the quietness of a Mysore room can feel a little alien, but after a short time it soon becomes very soothing with a magical atmosphere.

Be prepared to be stopped during your practice or to maybe even hold postures for longer than your usual 5 breaths.


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Yoga + Acupuncture: GEM Yoga + Points Clinic

Sunday 15th March TBC

More info coming soon

Mantra Meditation Circle: Shahida Sidduqe

Sunday 15th March 3pm-7pm

Meditation has been researched over many years and has over 70 scientifically proven benefits, yet the key, is to find the “right kind” of meditation for the right purpose.

In this busy life it's easy to become disconnected from ourselves, sometimes without even knowing, feeling the pace of the world is going too fast, resulting in overwhelm, stress, sadness, a sense of isolation and depletion, giving us a feeling of being unable to cope with the endless demands that come with the labels imposed upon us. 

 Meditation isn’t ‘just a practice’ that we do to calm ourselves or as something we think we should do spiritually.

Using Mantra as a method of meditation does not need us to be able to concentrate, by singing Mantras we are using ancient codes which hold a certain vibration, this vibration moves through our body and thoughts and is capable of transforming sadness into joy therefore, healing. 

 The right Meditation is capable of liberating us from the "thinking mind", which often struggles to keep up with the ever changing and moving ways of life.

 Shahida's studies and teachings are rooted in the work of the Enlightened Master; Osho, who passed 30 years ago. Shahida's Teacher, Andreas Mamet was a direct disciple of Osho for 5yrs, spending nearly 50yrs studying his work. In this 3 hour circle we gather together, not to try and empty our mind of thoughts or to focus our mind on one object, but instead use the tool of sound to quickly access a meditative state, where shifts start to happen.


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Flow Into Sound: with El +Charlotte

Sunday 22nd March  4-6pm

"If you allow the body to relax deeply, immersed by sounds that create an aural landscape, an inner space can be accessed to support deep restorative relaxation."

This workshop offers an evening of smooth flow yoga, preparing the body and mind for rest and relaxation, which will then be accompanied by a Sound Bath. The session will start with a brief introduction to sonic alchemy and how vibration (sound) and matter (body) interact with one another. Ellie will then lead you through a gentle yoga flow sequence, warming and mobilising the body, enabling you to draw your focus and attention into your space, your mat, yourself. Once the niggles and fidgets have been worked out of the body – and the mind – we will settle on our mats for a guided meditation and blissful Savasana accompanied by Sound. Charlotte works with Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, her drum and rattle (which she made in Columbia), koshi chimes, kalimba and her voice. The atmosphere she creates is captivating, relaxing, nourishing, and fascinating.

All levels welcome, and if you’ve never been to a sound bath before we encourage you to come and give it a try! Everyone’s experience will be different, making this workshop perfect for anyone with an open, curious mind, and a desire to relax and recharge, ready for the new season. In particular the singing bowls really support working with intention, so if you have anything you want to consider beforehand you can come ready to support any change you want to invite in your life or your self.


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Restore your Core, Pelvic Floor and More: Louisa Thomas

Sunday 29th March 9:30am-1:30pm
This practical, movement-based workshop will offer you a full-body approach to healing your core. Treating core and pelvic floor health as a whole-body issue you will be given a rage of tools to build core strength and function, improve pelvic floor integrity and correct your posture. If you have diastasis recti (abdominal separation), prolapse, incontinence, back pain or are post-natal, this workshop is a must.

During the workshop you will:
- Practice yoga and Pilates-based movement to address muscular imbalances that may be affecting your core’s ability to function well
- Explore the fundamentals of healthy alignment, and why your lifestyle choices may be compromising your core
- Learn how your breath can help (or hinder) your core’s ability to function
- Discover why isolated pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels may be doing you more harm than good
- Learn how to integrate core and pelvic floor exercises into your everyday movement
- Understand how to engage your deep abdominal muscles without compromising your breath, range of movement or alignment - and know when it’s best to let it all hang out.

Louisa Thomas is a yoga and Pilates teacher, Ashtanga yoga practitioner, mum of 3, and self-confessed movement geek. After the birth of her 2nd child Louisa discovered she had severe diastasis recti. After learning surgery was her only option for healing, Louisa set out on a quest to heal her core naturally and holistically. This led her to Restore Your Core, an online core rehabilitation programme followed by thousands of women worldwide. In 2017 Louisa became just one of 10 people in the world certified to teach RYC. In 2018 she trained in the Hypopressives method, a system of low pressure exercises clinically proven to improve symptoms of prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunction. After having 3 children in less than 4 years Louisa was able to rebuild core strength and function, heal her diastasis and improve whole body alignment through a full-body approach to core wellness. She is passionate about empowering others to do the same.


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The Pause: A workshop for The Menopause with TJ Mellor

Sunday 26th April 10:30am-12:30pm

Are you there? The Change?

Whether you’re just experiencing the first signs, or you’re already knee deep, the rise in a genuine interest in women's health, means we no longer need to be embarrassed or uncomfortable about talking about it.

The menoPAUSE.

It is literally that, the PAUSE from menstruating. Hitting Perimenopause brings about, for some, a slight hormone imbalance and for others a whole fairground ride charged hormonal upheaval. What’s really going on during this phase is a mini tug of war between the pituitary gland and the ovaries, and the outcome can feel overwhelming. So, whether you are about to embark on this interesting menopause journey, have recently boarded or are knee deep in the long haul symptoms, we say (as do millions of others) bring on the yoga. In The Pause workshop, expect to find 2 hours of specifically sequenced kick menopause ass asanas, hot flash busting breathwork, headache soothing, mood lifting and sleep enhancing meditations. The Pause will also give you a basic physiological understanding of what is hormonally going on (or not) in your body. If, as they say menopause is puberty’s ugly sister, let’s armour up, build ourselves a box of natural hormone balancing magic, and be ready for this mo fo. Let’s face it, waiting at the end of this ride is a tampax free, white-wearing, abdominal cramp-free party. This workshop will give you the tools you need to ensure you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


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Sound Meditation Evening with Joanne Adams


Connect to the calm already (no matter how deep it's buried!) within as you relax, let go and move beyond thought with the healing sounds of the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.

 A Sound Bath Meditation is an immersion in beautiful vibrations that are healing for your body, mind and spirit. It is a deeply relaxing, meditative experience which can take you on a journey of self discovery.

What happens in the session:

The fully tuned crystal bowls assist with clearing blockages in the flow of your energy and harmonise and rebalance the human body on all levels.

The healing frequencies and vibrations will help remove your stress, tension, and cares. You may experience a profound sense of peace and well-being. All you have to do is lie down and allow this to happen.
Please arrive 5 mins early to settle into your space.

What to wear:
Warm comfortable clothing.

We have a selection of blankets and bolsters, however if you wish to bring your own cushion/pillow to make a cosy cocoon for yourself so you are as comfortable as possible, you are more than welcome to.

Sound meditation may not be suitable if you are:
•pregnant (1st trimester)
•wear certain hearing aids
•have a pacemaker.
•you suffer from seizures


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Booking t&c's

Om Is Where The Heart Is has a 24 hour lock in window before Workshop start time, before this time cancellations will not be charged and the credit will remain on your account, however within this window cancellations will be charged at full price. Cancellations should be made via the method of booking.

Unless specified, all classes are adult classes, with the minimum age being 16 but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

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