Lets Break It Down a Little

Yoga is an ancient philosophical discipline practiced the world over, the word meaning union. Union of mind, body and spirit. who wouldn't want that? 

What is widely practiced as yoga in the west (not just Yorkshire) is a combination of physical postures (asana), breath control (pranyama) and simple meditation. using these tools you can learn to calm the mind, find your sense of self and from there begin to figure out how to apply it to this crazy thing called life.

there is a yoga practice for everyone. Whether you want to improve mobility, find some inner peace, or it's just an excuse to grab an hour for some "ME" time. It's about finding the right class, with the right teacher for YOU!

you don't need to know a single thing about it....only that you will leave feeling completely blissed out! 

If you need a dynamic, energetic flow to find that stillness, or a gentle, slower paced class is more your cup of tea, there is something for you. Classes will always be practiced with ahimsa - non violence - to body and mind.

 it's time to love yourself.

We implore you to try as many classes as you can, with as many of our teachers as you can.

Each class is a personal practice. it is important to listen to your body (it's way smarter than your mind)  and understand that no practice will be the same as another as you start this journey.  

There is just no way you can leave a yoga class not feeling better than when you came in.


Give it a go.