Variety may be the spice of life 

But consistency pays the bills      

Quality of movement + breath = Quality of life

Driven by this Mantra, Om is passionate about quality in all aspects of our business never more than when it comes to YOUR body. We offer a wide variety of yoga styles, with the assurance of consistency from our teachers  regardless of your choice of practice. We believe that quality of movement on your mat is necessary for quality of movement through life, this practice is simply maintenance for the things you enjoy in the real world! The essence is yoga…..but better!

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Yin Yoga 


This class, through relaxed long-holding postures, is slow and meditative and is accessible to anybody of any level. As we work through a select few asanas, our focus will be inwards on the breath, finding stillness and space within the body. By releasing tension, you will create balance within the self, of which you will definitely leave the class feeling Zen.

Functional Flow L1


The essence is Yoga. The expression looks like asana. The outcome is quality movement on yer mat, for quality movement in life. Beginning first by exploring not-so-traditional, functional movement patterns we can then begin to integrate these elements to create  what looks like a more traditional asana class.

This Level 1 class is suitable for ACTIVE BEGINNERS, looking to build inner and outer, strength and stability. It is the perfect stepping stone towards having a body that works like a body should. It will be challenging but never impossible and we will continually strive to find the edge of your physical & mental comfort zone. 

Movement Medicine 


Movement and stillness are medicine of equal importance, both of which are taught and explored within class. In TJ's classes, expect to find a physical challenge, using strong postures, breathing and relaxation to bring about peace, healing and an abundance of self care. TJ is passionate about moving with care, shifting negative energy, losing stuff that no longer serves and generally assisting folk on their ever evolving health quest. In the 75 minute classes, I have started to introduce (optional) Reiki healing into the last 15 minutes of the session.

We invite you to bring your magic on to your mat, be open to learning about the physical, mental and emotional you, and most of all of to stay true and not take yourself too seriously.

This class is open to all abilities from complete beginners to those who have been practicing for years.

Yoga Detour™-Move Well


Focusing on Kate’s passion for all things positive, you cannot, not leave her class with a smile on your face. Enjoy a practice focused on infusing strength and stability into yoga asana. This class moves at an accessible pace, waking up the body thoughtfully and methodically. Though these classes may not move as quickly as a flow class, students should come prepared to work hard as they learn about how their bodies are designed to move. Suitable to all levels — even the seasoned practitioner will pick up a few tips and tricks in this class!

Restore & Relax


Be kind to yourself as you take yourself away from the real world for an hour, to relax in the calm of the studio. This class really is suitable for everyone, most asanas will be grounded, mat based postures with focus on joint mobility for moving well through life. With plenty of opportunity for strengthening, before softening.

Functional Flow L2&3


The essence is Yoga. The expression looks like asana. The outcome is quality movement on yer mat, for quality movement in life. This dynamic class has has all the elements of a traditional Vinyasa class, with the added integration of not so traditional, functional movement. Vinyasa means 'with special breath', your body will absolutely have the opportunity to move with every breath taken whilst moving yer bones in as many ways as we can teach em! Guaranteed to warm your cockles from the inside and  you'll leave with a lovely yoga glow* . The Level 2 class is Perfect for the active human bean who already has begun a yoga practice and is ready to take their inner and outer, strength, stability and discovery to the next level. Level 3 is perfect for those who already have a solid yoga foundation, and are ready integrate this into a vinyasa-ish practice for a full 90 mins. It will be challenging but never impossible and we will continually strive to find the edge of your physical & mental comfort zone. (*sweaty!)

Hatha Yoga


Ha (moon) Tha (sun) A traditional Class, working on finding balance between the two energies. Hatha is the foundation of all other styles of practice, not only is it suitable for beginners, it's also great for yogis who have been on their mats for years to revisit the roots of their practice. designed to promote a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Practice will always begin with an arrival, an opportunity to really settled into yer mat before practice, followed by asana, (the physical portion) during this section of the practice you will be able to explore your own body, at it's own pace, with its  capabilities and it's limitations. Practice will then always finish with relaxation or meditation in order to leave with a sense of stillness through Body & Mind.

FunctionALL Flow  


Roll out of bed & onto yer mat, kicking the AM in the ASana! start your weekend with an energizing flow, getting the ol' bones moving & yer mind focused. Whether this class is a quickie before you start work, a kick start to your weekend or your only chance to snatch an hour of YOU time. Make the effort. Set that alarm. Ellie combines her signature Functional Flow class of the week into an hour long, mixed level practice, making it accessible for all abilities. Your body, your responsibility - just take it at your own pace!

Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga yoga is a well structured, high intensity traditional style of Yoga. The 75 minute long class will take postures from the primary series working through them at a powerful pace. 

Ashtanga Yoga may be the class for you if you like structure and discipline in your practice. We wouldn't recommend the class if you are new to practicing asanas (postures) or have any sensitivity within your body, whether it be in your muscles or joints. 

Ashtanga Yoga will increase your strength quicker than most other styles of Yoga as well as improving your flexibility and helping with inner peace. 



No matter what your fitness background, Pilates can offer a multitude of benefits for everyone. From posture, to strength, good spinal health, to improved flexibility and mobility. During the sessions the movements are slowed down, giving you time to check in with your own body and breath. The low impact movements may not always feel like you’re working hard but slowing down lets you focus on precise movements to ensure your working the correct muscles.

Wise Minded Kids Yoga*

Ages 5-8 & 8-11 With Ali

45 minutes of fun and giggles, this stimulating class encourages tweens to learn about their bodies, through physical movement, breath and meditation, which all helps in improving body awareness, focus and overall happy kid-ness. No need for a mat, just bring their imagination!

Term Time only, book & pay in advance.

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Vinyasa Flow 

El (the other ellie!)

El will lead you through traditional asanas in a dynamic and smooth sequence, using rhythm and repetition to help find quality in your breath and movement. It’s a moving meditation… She will take you up, then bring you down, and leave you aching (for more). You’ll leave this practice with a sense of space in the body, peace in the mind, a smile on your face. Energized. Ready for the weekend! Only recommended for those ready to work at a pace!

Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga during pregnancy is effective in helping us to prepare physically and emotionally for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. It helps improve strength, mobility and endurance, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Throughout your prenatal yoga practice you can become attuned to your body, learning how to keep the pelvis neutral and lengthen through the spine to improve and maintain good posture, as well as opening through the hips and hamstrings. During pregnancy the weight of the baby can cause an excessive tilt of the pelvis, this can lead to a sway and pain in the lower back which yoga can help alleviate.
This class will take a light-hearted approach to increasing postural awareness and alignment, working to your own level through a series of postures designed to prepare the body and mind for pregnancy and labour. We will also explore some very gentle (and optional) pranayama (breath work) to help your through the process and finish with a relaxation practice.

Classes with * are not included in the pre-purchased class passes & are priced separately.

At Om we strive to provide an overall quality yoga experience. Quality of movement, instruction and environment, in order to hold ourselves accountable to this your feedback is so helpful to us and will always be taken onboard.

Unless Specified all classes are Adult Classes, with the minimum age being 16 and must be accompanied by an adult.